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Mitch McConnell laughs at the accusation of Covid 's inability to relieve Congress

Image: Criticized by challenger Amy McGrath in a debate on Monday night to block a proposed coronavir...


Criticized by challenger Amy McGrath in a debate on Monday night to block a proposed coronavirus relief bill, Mitch McConnell laughed. "Trying to find out what he's laughing at," tweeted Claire McCaskill, a former Democratic Senator from Missouri who is now working for NBC News.

Almost 7.8 m coronavirus cases and nearly 215,000 deaths have been recorded in the US. In the midst of catastrophic economic effects, Congress has not passed a stimulus package since May, when the Democratic House passed a $3tn bill not ratified by the Republican Senate. Donald Trump recently dynamized the talks, which he then sought to restart.

McGrath and McConnell met to discuss cases in Kentucky in Lexington. The Democrat collected impressive sums and kept in touch in the polls – although success remains impossible. "The House passed the bill in May and the Senate went on holiday," McGrath said. As McConnell laughed, she went on: "I mean, you just don't do that. You're negotiating. Senator, it's a national epidemic, you knew the coronavirus wasn't going to disappear at the end of July. We knew it.

As McConnell tried to interrupt, still laughing, McGrath said, "If you want to call yourself a chief, you have to do things, and those of us who served in the marines, we're not just pointing fingers to the other side. We're getting the job done. McConnell accused Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House, saying, "Look, I know how to make deals. During the Obama era, I made three big deals with Joe Biden. The problem here is the lack of desire of the speaker to make a bargain. On Tuesday, "STIMULUS" tweeted after Trump. Go big or go back home!!! "McConnell said that the Senate would soon vote on a" skinny "bill designed to access leftover funds from previous legislation, a step that Pelosi has already refused.

McGrath was a retired Marine Corps fighter pilot. "She says the other sentence was in the marines," McConnell said on Monday night. "I think her whole campaign is: she's a marine, she's a wife, and I've been [in Washington] for too long." "Senator," McGrath said, "you've been there for 36 years. How's that looking, Kentucky? McConnell's "one mission" as Senate Majority Leader, she said, "is to help America get through this crisis right now by passing legislation to keep our economy afloat so that people can make ends meet.

"And instead of doing so, he's trying to ram through the candidate of the Supreme Court right now, instead of bargaining, which is what he should have been doing all summer long." Echoing Democrats' claims at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings in Washington, McGrath also said that the new Supreme Court candidate, Amy Coney Barrett, would help tear down the Affordable Care Act.

McConnell claimed, "No one thinks the Supreme Court is going to bring down the Affordable Care Act." The court is due to hear a challenge to Barack Obama 's landmark health law on 10 November.

Few analysts foresee the chances of the ACA before a 6-3 conservative court. In the debate in Kentucky, McConnell repeatedly pointed out that the Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, who would lead the Chamber if the Democrats took office in November, was from New York. "It isn't difficult," he said.

"Do you want someone from New York to set the agenda for America and not be really interested in Kentucky? Or do you want to keep one of our state 's four congressional representatives looking out for Kentucky, give Kentucky a chance to beat its weight, provide extra assistance to Kentucky? "This is the issue. She's going to move all of that to New York. I'm going to keep it in Kentucky. Observers were able to find out that the Republican president McConnell represents, Donald Trump, is also from New York.

McGrath has released good data on fundraising. But speaking to the Associated Press on Monday, Josh Holmes, McConnell's advisor, said that while "money can buy you a lot of TV ads," McGrath will never "have enough money to buy [enough] Liberal voters."